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What You’ll Learn:

Explore Self-Discovery, Productivity, and Effective Leadership: Boost Your Skills and Achieve Success

Delve into the fascinating world of self-discovery, productivity, and leadership development. Master a range of essential skills, including:

  • Identifying your unique learning style and strategies
  • Streamlining team management for optimal performance
  • Emulating the mindset and habits of successful individuals
  • Building resilience in the face of adversity
  • Crafting a compelling vision and setting achievable goals
  • Enhancing time management techniques for maximum efficiency
  • Resolving conflicts with effective communication and understanding

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Transform Education with Accelerated Learning

“Well-presented book will give you the powers to unlock your inner potential”

-Foreword by Vikram Dhar, Global Gurus Top 30, Author of The Ultimate Coaching Guide

Unlock Holistic Learning with Whole-Brain Teaching Techniques: Reach All Learners and Empower Success

The pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of our education system, impacting students and teachers alike. To address this challenge, our Accelerated Learning in Education Development book offers innovative strategies to engage the whole brain, cater to various learning styles, and streamline classroom instruction. Transform “low performers” into “super achievers” by leveraging cutting-edge techniques from emotional intelligence and neuro-linguistic programming.

Maximize Instructional Time and Enhance Student Achievement

Discover the power of whole-brain teaching methods to save valuable instructional time and automate learning in your classroom. Shift students’ mindsets from “I can’t” to “I did it” by implementing these advanced strategies and creating a supportive learning environment.

Experience the Benefits of Accelerated Learning in Education Development

This comprehensive guide equips teachers and students with the tools and expertise needed to create a magical learning experience. By providing a framework for “how to teach” and “how to learn,” this book bridges the gap between educators and learners, fostering holistic and accelerated learning.

Empower Teachers and Students with Advanced Techniques

Embrace the future of education by incorporating emotional intelligence and neuro-linguistic programming into your teaching methods. These advanced techniques will not only enhance student performance but also promote a deeper understanding of the learning process.

Unlock the potential of holistic learning with Accelerated Learning in Education Development. Revolutionize your teaching strategies, reach all types of learners, and create a lasting impact on the lives of your students.

Blake Randall
Blake Randall
A.L.L.I.E.D: Accelerated Learning Lessons In Education Development: Utilize the entire brain when thinking your lessons. "This book has been created for the peruser to have the option to get it and apply the procedures and strategies in their day-to-day life."Srisesha shares how the Accelerated Learning Lessons in Education Development will give you the correct devices and strategies to lessen the informative time, improve profound learning, and bring bliss towards the way of learning.There are 5 sections featured in the book:1. Learning - “How to Learn”2. Lifelong learning isn’t a platitude - it is in specifics3. Creating learning rooms rather than teaching classrooms4. Values + Beliefs = Mindset5. The revolutionThe author describes several stages of learning and present a few models for learning effectively.Through reading this, you can tell that Srisesha provided all the value on this matter as it is shown very well on each and every page. There are many facts, data, figures, and graphs on display with research provided behind it all. The content of the book, I felt was written with great passion.Now for myself at times, I did feel that the book became monotonous and the flow wasn't always there in keeping my attention. Which is why I felt, even though it is a short book of 144 pages, it took me longer than is should have to read.Also note, I am not the target demographic for the book, so take my personal opinion with a grain of salt. I conveyed my personal thoughts to the author which he was extremely receptive to my feedback!BUT, this book is perfect for parents, teachers, and others in the field of education whom are sure to find this book very helpful.It's exactly the type of book that is needed to make a change for the betterment of the educational systems that are in place.
A.L.L.I.E.D: Accelerated Learning Lessons In Education Development: Learn how to learn. A different look at the education system This was a unique book I came across. It looked at education in a very different light. The author has used his expertise and experience to give us some amazing systems that can be used to make the learning process simpler. These systems are based on thorough research done by the author. As a parent I understand the value of education but rotting isn't always the way ahead. We have come face to face with life so we can say this. If we learn how to learn we can teach our kids the same. So in my opinion this book is meant to be read by every parent who wants to give quality education to their kids and also by teachers who wish to employ an effective way to streamline the education. Because understand this everyone has a unique talent and we need to hone it to an extent that is it brings a glow up for our kids.
Divyanshu Oberoi
Divyanshu Oberoi
A.L.L.I.E.D: Accelerated Learning Lessons In Education Development: An imaginative and innovative approach to developing the mind! Do you ever feel like you have the potential to do great things with your life, but just aren't sure how to start?"It is really amazing what people can do. Only they don't know what they can do."- Milton H. Erickson, psychologist/psychiatristAn imaginative and innovative approach to developing the mind and learning new information a handbook for learning, enhancing and accelerating that learning with firstly understanding how an individual can learn & understanding how our mind works.The common goal of ours as humans is now what seems like a materialistic endeavour towards success. Without properly understanding ourselves, and being confused in the process, we are executing and driving a mass programme of "de-educating" each other.Hence, it is very important to teach and to learn to control our state of mind. Teaching students how to recognize, acknowledge, and control emotions should be on every school curriculum, and it is not. Even when we reach out to colleges or trained professionals at our work places, these things are being overpowered and shadowed over by performance and leadership.There are five sections to this book:1. Learning- “How to Learn”2. Lifelong learning isn’t a platitude.3. Creating learning rooms rather than teaching classrooms4. Value’s + Beliefs = Mindset5. The revolution.The author's passion for the subject translates onto each page, and the content of this book is excellent.The writing is clear and simple enough to follow, with a few technical terms that might not be familiar to all readers. But if the idea of accelerated learning excites you, you'll probably find it worthwhile.
Arjun Sachdev
Arjun Sachdev
A.L.L.I.E.D: Accelerated Learning Lessons In Education Development: A book to learn accelerated techniques of learning. The book focuses and teaches us a different approach to learning, the fundamental HOW TO of learning, enhancing and accelerating that learning with firstly understanding how our mind works through it frameworks, understanding your emotions, pain-pleasure principles, how to manage stress, then jumping to learning of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques and Meta Modelling.200/100 for the content of the book, everything that is been written in the book is great, I can't argue on the fact that the author has put up everything he could have, it showcases his passion for the subject of the book, it was just that he didn't put the content in the right manner to engage the reader continuously.The book lacks storytelling in majority of the content, although some parts of the book are written beautifully and very insightfully but a lot of the parts lacks storytelling and structure.Most of the chapters feels like you are reading an academic book which bored me out at times, I conveyed the feedbacks to the author and he was so receptive to feedback, he always appreciated it and wanted me to be completely honest with whatever I mention in the review.The book is short (150 pages) still some lessons felt unnecessary, and it would have been still a great book if we take out those lessons.There were some very insightful things too that I learned from the book with practical exercises that we can do and question for reflection that we can ask ourselves. Somethings explained really well in the book are1. Frameworks of the mind2. Pleasure and pain principles3. Changing emotions ( best of all)4. NLP Presuppositions5. Modelling Excellence6. Visualization and Compelling vision
Sejuti Majumdar
Sejuti Majumdar
A.L.L.I.E.D: Accelerated Learning Lessons In Education Development: Helps you to become a great learner Involve the whole brain into thinking your lessons.A. L. L. I. E. D by SriSesha is a non fiction book that talks about accelerated learning lessons in education development. It can help you reach all type of learners with only your words.Given the current education system where there is less learning and more cramming this book can be a guide to learn faster and better and also guide a person how to help a learner learn better.This book aims to change the mindset of learning by helping to find the purpose of learning. With barriers to learning and adding more difficult obstacles to it by the current pandemic this book will help to understand the process of learning more in a short period of time.A great help for all students and people in the field of education. A kind of book that is needed for the change that is very much needed for our education system.
Khyati Gautam
Khyati Gautam
A.L.L.I.E.D: Accelerated Learning Lessons In Education Development: An insightful read Pandemic brought the world to a standstill. While the governments imposed a lockdown to avert the disaster, it left the general populace anxious and baffled.Could online teaching take education to the people who barely have enough to keep their body and soul together?Since the onset of the global pandemic, unemployment rose from 8.4% to 23% and nearly 370 million students left the schools.This makes a strong case for the development of a new teaching methodology. Allied by Srisesha introduces us to the new, expert, and accelerated methodology of learning. This book explains several stages of learning and presents a few models to learn effectively.Divided into 5 parts, Allied delves into the very problem of inaccessible education, especially in the covid times. It further illustrates through data and graphs how the states can go about accelerating the learning process of students so that they don't miss out on things.The author is a Teach for India alumnus and has been extensively active in the area of education. His experience and insights reflect the structure and valuable information presented in the book. Allied not just focuses on how the structure of the brain impacts our thinking, it also sheds light on methodology to speed up learning and retain knowledge.The language is lucid and comprehensible enough for the flow of complex data in the book. Yes, there are technical terms that might not sit well with readers. However, if the very idea of an accelerated learning process excites you, you should give it a read.
A.L.L.I.E.D: Accelerated Learning Lessons In Education Development: Endless wisdom. teachers and student must read The book is all about learning and its process i..e. how to learn effectively, learning mindset.It has not only explained the issues related to learning but also explained the process to overcome them.⭐The best thing about this book is that it is not superficial. every fact is backed by relevant data which increases credibility.⭐There are a few chapters dedicated to scientific part of the basics of the brain and its working.Unlike other self-help books, It doesn't preach about does and donts but backs it up with scientific learnings. The visual representation of scientific parts will help you understand and retain them.⭐The chapter on managing stress is my favourite one. Loved how the author has cited multiple exercises and action to overcome it.⭐Testing is an integral part of learning.Hence, this book has very cool methods of testing yourself after lessons. Testing strategies like S.C.O.R.E(symptom, cause, outcome, resource, effect) and T.O.T.E(test, operate, test, exit) were very impressive.Review won't do justice to this book. Every student and teachers must go through this book once.
A.L.L.I.E.D: Accelerated Learning Lessons In Education Development: Overall, It's a good read ‘A.L.L.I.E.D’ a teaching and learning guide, aims at innovating the readers to understand the balance between the expected outcomes of education, and the realistic outcomes. It makes one consider their reading and learning backgrounds and lament that it yet, hasn’t tasted the enlightenment of evolution. Change in education and learning pattern, is as vital, as understanding the diversity of learning tendencies.The book shows scientifically, how every individual is uniquely functioning to filter data and perceive information. Vivid description with diagrams, charts and tabulated data, ease the understanding of concepts.However, there are chapters which underlay the background of the author’s notion, which seem to go on for an eternity. While these backgrounding chapters take most of the space, a little time is given by the author to detail how his concept of changing education is significant. Some readers, would find the book to have a textbook sort of knowledge pool, but the language aids and eases comprehension. Yet, there sure, is a huge backslash due to the divided attention between creating a platform for the author’s theory, and the actual say.I liked the fact that even the factual data, in the initial chapters, is presented in a bulleted, listed format with makes it easier to take notes. However, even if one is inclined to read through all that data, the inclusion of other writer’s works and in-text citations, makes the book, a pretty heavy read. Though the book can use a little editing to omit such loads of references, the basic idea, of developing a holistic approach to learning, is delivered cleary, and for that, the author must be congratulated.Overall, it's a good read, for readers belonging to the education sector, for it might spite inspiration to develop tailored programmes, suiting needs of each individual brain.
A.L.L.I.E.D: Accelerated Learning Lessons In Education Development: Learn various stages of Learning! Do you know that only 24% of Indian households have access to internet?Do you know that since the start of pandemic nearly 370 million students are not attending the schools?Do you know that the unemployment rose from 8.4% to 23%?Once the pandemic is over, nothing would be same. We are not ready for the real world. We are not equipped to handle the challenges we will face.With schools and college moving from offline to online world, Education has taken a huge toll. Coming up with a new methodology of learning has become paramount for sustenance.‘Allied’ by Srisesha introduces you to the new, expert and accelerated methodology of learning.The book is divided into 5 sections:Section 1 : This part gathers the statistical data points about the world with respect to pandemic.Section 2 : This part gives you the basic idea of our brain and how emotions impact thinking.Section 3 : This part gives you the definitions and the procedures being followed as of now in Accelerated Learning for a better future in post pandemic world.Section 4 : This part provides you details of brain science and psychotherapy.Section 5 : Provides you with methodology to speed up learning and retain knowledge.I have learned some new techniques from this book like T.O.T.E. model (to install values), S.C.O.R.E model (to troubleshoot values or behaviours) and different stages of learning.The only thing that dint appeal me about this book is difficult usage of language and long run-on sentences. It made concentration difficult for me.I would recommend this book to everyone who is interested in advanced learning strategies. Teachers may benefit a lot from this book.Follow @thebooktheque ( on Insta ) for more book reviews ✨
Shri Kant @Champion
Shri Kant @Champion
A.L.L.I.E.D: Accelerated Learning Lessons In Education Development: Fantastic Book One of the lessons the pandemic brought for parents was the acknowledgment that teaching is a monumental job. As we suddenly transformed into teachers ourselves, we found ourselves clueless on guiding our children through homeschooling. This book is fantastic.